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Payout Information

  • 100% accurate recording of sales and revenues via 3rd party.
  • 60% of all initial & recurring revenue from memberships sold!
  • Payments every 1st via ccbill.
  • Online stats using CCbill's 3rd party software.
  • Cascading billing to make your traffic convert! (CCbill/segpay)
  • Banners, buttons, and content zips upon request.
  • Recurring paid on Credit Card, ACH, and all billing platforms.

The real deal. We do not decide what you will get paid - you do! Many other sites offer huge payouts, or high per-click payouts, but you know as well as we do..they pay you what they want to. Time and time again you hear about skimmed clicks and sales, and in the end what do you really have an investment in? When the payout is deposited your done making money.

What we offer is a true partnership. If you sell a membership you get 60% of that membership for the length of the membership. We do not cut you off after the initial rebill - you get paid $15.81 every month the member is retained. If that member comes back again in a year we pay you again!

  1. Month 1 $15.81
  2. Month 2 $31.62
  3. Month 3 $47.43
  4. Month 4 $63.24
  5. Month 5 $79.05
Real sales and real checks in the mail.