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About Nitro Video is owned and operated by Blackcrow, Inc. We have been in the top of our niche since 1998. We have never missed a payout and we have never cancelled an honest webmaster. We believe that the essence of good business is to give customers more than what they expected and to do the same for our business affiliates. When you contact us you contact our President directly. Dont waste your time with sites that require special links or hire poorly trained affiliate managers to run their affiliate program. If you want a professional affiliate program this is the program to choose. We offer 3rd party sales tracking from the #1 most respected billing company in the world and the highest payouts of all our competitors. What do you need to make sales? Hosted flv? Hosted galleries? Hardcoded hosted galleries? Custom CSV? You name it and we will build it for you! Click here to see a sample of our hosted galleries.

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