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Cascading Billing

  • The member tries to join and is declined.
  • The page refreshes from ccbill to segpay.
  • The member re-inputs their credit card only.
  • Segpay takes the sale.
  • SegPay posts the sale to CCbill and credits affiliates.
  • CCBill pays the affiliates.
  • SegPay pays the house.
  • To the affiliate, all sales appear to be through ccbill.
The process of cascading sales increases affiliate payouts by as much as 30% and offers redundancy in the event of processor failure. Your sales will all appear as being made through ccbill, but will actually be processed through both CCBill and SegPay.

  1. Month 1 $15.81
  2. Month 2 $31.62
  3. Month 3 $47.43
  4. Month 4 $63.24
  5. Month 5 $79.05
These numbers are based on just one sale!